The Benefits of Solar

Historically, on-site construction timelapse photography has brought with it a variety of problems due to the limitations of supplying power by mains or generator.  Not any more! By developing a long-term solar solution, we can now ensure there’s no need to compromise on what we can achieve.

Firstly, we can locate the camera wherever you want it and start just when you need us, meaning our images are second-to-none in terms of the view we can achieve for you.  By using a wide-angle lens, we can usually get the full development in shot, offering greater value than would previously be achievable.

Secondly, the solution is invaluable to site contractors as we can stay well out of the way of the construction process and remove the safety and logistical issues that go with running power on site.

Finally, using solar is great for your CSR and sustainability agenda, which is such an important issue to companies involved in development across the UK.  We ensure that solar powered systems are branded as such on your bespoke web portal, meaning you get the PR and marketing benefits which go with using sustainable solutions.

Solar power allows us to:

  1. Locate the camera in it’s absolute best position
  2. Remove the safety issues of running power cables on site
  3. Install and get filming as soon as you need us
  4. Be maintenance free with no down time
  5. Be totally self-sufficient
  6. Offer positive sustainability and CSR messages to our clients


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