Client: Goodman UK Logistics / Readie Construction

Project: Angle 265 at London Medway

Duration: 9 months

Date: May 2015 - February 2016

Angle 265 was our fifth project with Goodman, and the first of three speculative units we documented for them in partnership with Anglesea Logistics.  Goodman wanted to bring the unit to market as quickly as possible and felt that the web portal could help them to achieve that.

The camera was solar powered and mounted on a dedicated 10m CCTV tower.  Once Readie had helped with the installation of a base for our tower, we took over and looked after the rest.

We are now an integral part of the Goodman supply chain and work on many of their industrial and commercial projects across the country.  We even have an area on their site where they showcase their current projects with cameras and timelapse movies from finished projects:

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