Construction Timelapse

This is our specialism. We have created a product which allows you to create a legacy through timelapse footage, but also gives you an invaluable opportunity to showcase and actively market the development as it progresses. 

We do this by creating a fully customised viewing portal for each project, designed to work hand-in-hand with your corporate or scheme website.  The intention is that you can link your site directly to our portal, and your customers see everything in one branded style.  Should you want us embed our content directly into your website – that can be done too.  

We can even create multiple customised viewing portals for the same project – at no extra cost. It’s a great way for the partner companies to all get a marketing benefit and is often a good way to share the cost.

Finally, we can install a solar configuration for most external projects.  Not only is it good for your CSR, but it also removes the barriers associated with running a power cable around a building site.  Solar cameras are generally the option of choice for our customers.



Timelapse Photography Drone


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